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Slovenia is a safe, hospitable, picturesque country with a variety of landscapes. This makes the country a perfect place for sports and recreation. It has many attractive ski resorts. Slovenia's countryside spells adventure for horseriders, hikers, mountaineers, cyclists, hunters and fishermen, and our golf courses attract even the most demanding golfers.

There are 15 natural spas scattered throughout the country. Fans of water sports can enjoy the diversity of Slovenia’s lakes, rivers and the Adriatic coast.

You can explore our rich history and culture by visiting some of the many museums, castles, churches and galleries. In the evening you can enjoy yourself at one of our casinos, cinemas, theatres or opera houses. Throughout the year, the historic town centres are alive with concerts, puppet shows, exhibitions and other events.

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Slovenia is a place in which it is worthwhile to invest and work thanks to its favourable business environment. The geostrategic position at the crossroads of transport routes, well-developed ICT and physical infrastructure, technological networks and platforms, centres of excellence and clusters as evidence of high-level innovation activity, make Slovenia an excellent base for business development and growth, encouraged by high performance education system, which in the final stages allows the inclusion of students in advanced research, business and international projects. Our legislation is clear, an entrepreneurial culture and support networks are in place to help the setting up and improve the growth potential of businesses.

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General information

  • Time zone: Central European Time (GMT+1)
  • Electricity: 220V 50Hz
  • Electric plug details: European plug with two circular metal pins
  • Country dialing code: +386
  • International outgoing call prefix: 00
  • Drinking Water – The water is safe and drinkable throughout the country.
  • ATMs/cash dispensers accept all international credit cards and are widespread both in cities and in small towns

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Slovenia’s exports remain on a firm footing. In 2012, the exports of goods and services accounted for 76.1% of the country’s GDP. The surplus in external balance of goods and services was 4.8% of GDP. The fall in imports is attributable to the plunging domestic demand. The growth of exports exceeded the growth of imports in the trade of services, the transport services trade recorded a surplus and higher revenues from foreign tourists improved the balance of inflows from tourism. The balance of trade in licences, patents and copyrights and the balance in construction services followed suit. (Sources: SORS, IMAD)

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Slovenia boasts natural diversity of the landscape and facilities for meet different lifestyles and to cater for those enjoying the thrills of energetic pursuits and those preferring thermal spas, wellness treatments or simply relaxing on a day off or on holiday. According to OECD Better Life Index 2012, safety, work-life balance, community and health are the most cherished qualities and people living in Slovenia are determined to keep it that way.

The country nestling between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea provides the ideal environment for tourism in general and for medical tourism in particular. Stunning locations are easily reached by road, air, rail and sea, people are friendly, fine food and excellent local wine – a potential still waiting to be developed.

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T 00386 (0) 590 96 356




Minimum wage / employees:
842,79 € (gross)

Minimum wage / director:
1188,50 € (gross) – director and owner, not insured on any other basis

842,79 € (gross) – other directors

Business trip: 0,37 €/km
Commuting: 0,18 €/km

Cash maximum: up to 420,00 €

Interest on arrears: 8,00%

Tax on profit (Ltd): 19%

Nominal capital (Ltd): a min. of 7.500.00 €

VAT: 9,5% for food and 22%, as the general rate

Anas Ghariani from Tunisia

"I got married in Slovenia and ZEUS made a big part of all complicated procedures for my work and residence permit! I would definitely recommend! Best service ever."



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