Before you take up residence in Slovenia or start your own business, you need a fair amount of reliable and high-quality information about the procedures necessary to start living and working in Slovenia as well as procedures for setting up a company, legal obligations and restrictions on doing business. We have already successfully carried out procedures that are necessary to start living, working and doing business in Slovenia for a number of companies.

Work / Residence Permit

We arrange your single permit for residence and work within a reasonable time – aproximately two or three months.

  • Interview and consulting (personal contact, telephone, skype, e-mail or other comunication chanell),
  • carrying out procedure concerning work and residence permit,
  • obtaining a tax identification number and a unique resident registration number if neccesary,
  • carrying out employment procedure,
  • Indicative calculation of salaries and related taxes / contributions.

Personal Insurance Applications

By taking out personal insurance in Slovenia, the insured can be covered for life insurance, accident insurance and health insurance.

Family Reunification

After holding a Single permit for residence and work in the Republic of Slovenia for one year, we can start a procedure to obtain a temporary residence permit for your family members - unless the temporary residence permit has been issued for seasonal work purposes. We also arrange an acquisition of a Blue Card in Slovenia, which enables you to obtain a temporary residence for your family members significantly faster.

Residence Status

We arrange your application for the residence status under international double taxation avoidance agreements. The application is submitted by an individual who wishes to formalise their residence status (entry of the status change into the tax register) or obtain an opinion from the tax authority regarding their residence status.


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Minimum wage / employees:
886,63 € (gross)

Minimum wage / director:
1188,50 € (gross) – director and owner, not insured on any other basis

886,63 € (gross) – other directors

Business trip: 0,37 €/km
Commuting: 0,18 €/km

Cash maximum: up to 420,00 €

Interest on arrears: 8,00%

Tax on profit (Ltd): 19%

Nominal capital (Ltd): a min. of 7.500.00 €

VAT: 9,5% for food and 22%, as the general rate

Anas Ghariani from Tunisia

"I got married in Slovenia and ZEUS made a big part of all complicated procedures for my work and residence permit! I would definitely recommend! Best service ever."